6 comments on “New Additions

  1. Gynoug was released in the US as Wings of Wor and I think the ad actually made a point of talking up the “disgusting” tone of the visuals with a “Do Not Eat Before Playing” warning. That was RazorSoft’s (the US publisher) marketing department at work, but I think that may have been the blurb from another Genesis game they publishes that I forget the title of.

    Dynamite Duke cracks me up because the game is pretty silly and funny at the same time. The US box art is REALLY awful (it’s a photo of some guy made up as a random soldier, possibly an enemy – it’s the only thing that makes sense, as Duke is blonde and he’s not) and it’s the same image on the Master System version. The MD version’s art is funky in a bad art/good art way, that’s for sure…


  2. You have a very good memory geelw! I can’t remember any advertising campaigns for the video games I was buying back in the day. I knew what style of games I liked, what my friends had and what I saw in the stores. I don’t remember commercials or ads.
    After reading your comments I looked up what Wings of Wor looks like. The art work is very different and I might have to add it to the collection some day 🙂
    I see what you mean about Dynamite Duke (I also looked it up)! And as bad as it is I think the biggest offender to cover artwork has to go to Phantasy Star 2. An older version of Rolf and Nie? …and Nie with horns instead of ears?! What’s this that?! And the fact that Nie’s story seriously contradicts the wierd idea of this cover. Of all games to mess up, why Phantasy Star?…


  3. I just bought Wings of Wor, got it yesterday, and even though it is said that it’s the US version, I could play it on my PAL Sega… o_O Does anyone know why that is?

    I also just bought Fantasia, haven’t arrived yet though. I’ve never played Fantasia the game, however I looooved the movie when I was a kid ^_^ Especially that last scary part with the mountain that turns into a demon! =D


  4. Small world! What are the odds that we just purchased two identical games from ebay 🙂
    I know that some games (specially older ones) don’t have region encoding that might prevent them from running on other region Genesis/Mega Drive’s. And sometimes the games are written to support both PAL and NTSC. Which must be the case for Wings of Wor.
    We’ll have to compare notes after checking these games out.


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