10 comments on “VGCC Game Swap April 2014

  1. Going to the VGCC game swap was a blast. I’ve already started picking up games here and there for trading the next time around. I found a bunch of pokemon games which seem to be pretty hot… which i don’t understand as pokemon seems rather lame. But in the gamer community pokemon is popular so i must lower myself to that level. Are we getting a table next time with Evil Kalman?


    • VGCC was a blast!
      Yeah, I think we should get a table for next time. It was a bit hectic but we’ll be more experienced this time and we’ll be one man stronger! I was surprised and pleased to hear that Evil Kalman wanted in on the game selling action.
      This time around I’ll only bring complete games and just a few consoles. And I’ll only bring a few Japanese Mega Drive games because last time I wasn’t able to sell or trade a single one.


  2. Excellent deal on that Mega Drive! You’d know if you had a PAL system by the AC adapter, by the way. It’s a odd shape for a North American outlet (as in it won’t fit). Poor Earnest Evans! I’ve never liked it, but I have it here (I think) or at least the Mega CD version, which is just as bad, but has animated cut scenes between the crap gameplay. I guess props to the developer for trying something new in terms of animation, but I’ve never completed the game after all this time. I got maybe four stages in after a LOT of work, but gave up on it.


    • At first I was thinking that maybe someone mixed and matched the contents of the box. But all is good. I’m still amazed at the condition it’s in 🙂
      It’s too bad about Earnest Evans. The idea for it isn’t very original but it’s still a good one. As for props for trying something new? The game is too unpolished. Maybe they started with some good ideas but I think it was rushed or they didn’t care. Runark (Growl) is much better Indiana Jones themed game.
      geelw, I’m still loving how it seems like you’ve tried everything! You’re a solid gamer and I’m glad to know you!


  3. Do you buy genesis games that you already have for the mega drive?

    Great pickups btw, that boxed mega drive is really sweet ^_^ my boxed mega drive is not nearly in as nice condition but the box looks totally different and has Japanese text on it.


    • I will buy the same game for the Genesis and Japanese Mega Drive. Even though the game is the same most times the covers are very different and they all look great on the shelf 🙂

      When the Genesis was new I had a friend who was able to get Japanese Mega Drive games for me from Hong Kong. So we would often get games a year before they came out for the Genesis.
      So I’ve always had them and I feel right at home collecting for both 🙂

      I bet your boxed Mega Drive is the actual packaging that was used for the Mega Drive in Japan. You’re is more cool than mine 🙂 My packaging was used for other Asia regions.


      • Ok, well I sometimes buy the same game for different systems but only if it’s a game that I really enjoy and I want to see if there are any differences 🙂

        Haha ok, but yours was more sought after right? ;D


            • It’s so complex that I don’t think I explained it very well. I believe (and I might wrong) that the actual Mega Drive unit inside my box and your box are identical. And it’s only the box (packaging) that is different. So you have the ultimate set! 🙂 You have a Japanese box and a Japanese Mega Drive.
              I have Asia region packaging with a Japanese Mega Drive. The third option is Asia region packaging with Asia region Mega Drive.

              There are some Mega Drive units that came in the box that looks like mine but the unit themselves are not as good. These Mega Drives can be identified by subtle differences like missing text on the unit itself other things like missing the bar that locks a cart into the Mega Drive when you power it on.


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