11 comments on “The Collection Addition that Should Never have Happened.

  1. Awesome. Even at “$80”, ED is a TOTAL STEAL, dude! Treasure that and don’t sell it (unless you run into another at that price and think of me, lol!).


    • Yeah, I also think it’s pretty awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m feeling pretty lucky. And if I come by another one I’ll let you know. It’s great to hear that you’re still interested in adding Mega Drive games to your collection!
      When I was looking at Eliminate Down prices on ebay I found myself wondering if there are people out there who actual pay those prices. It’s insane! I saw an auction starting at $700 USD and a ‘buy it now’ for $870 USD and another for $1,200 USD. I really hope collectors aren’t paying these prices. These games are NOT worth it.


  2. Wow what a find… And if your math holds up for a great price. I thought you were more into trading than selling, though in this case it might be worth your while to sell. Congrats dude!!


    • You’re right, I do prefer to trade. But it can be hard to do. You need to find people who have what you want and vice versa.
      Since I have that Honey Bee adapter I think I’ll make a large bundle with a Genesis and include both Genesis and Mega Drive games and throw it on Craigslist and Kijiji and see what happens.


  3. Wow! I’ve never even heard of that game, but damn it was expensive on eBay! o_O
    After you’ve found a copy for geelw, let me know if you bump into a good deal on the game for me as well ;D hahaha


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