14 comments on “Neo Geo MVS Label Restoration for 11 New Games

  1. Those gamer condition carts look charming, though I totally get that some REALLY need to be refurbished or restored. What a neat system! I think I’d collect for the same system too, since it’s a bit cheaper too…
    I’m digging that collection! 🙂


    • Hey Martianoddity! Thanks 🙂

      Charming is a favorable description 🙂 Even at their best Neo Geo MVS carts look so old. In Part because of there massive size and partly because of how plain they are. But it’s the software inside that counts. And there are a lot of really good games for the system.

      Those Shockbox cases are very similar to Disney VHS tape cases (that’s before DVD!). So everything about these games feels old. Including the retro art for the inserts. But that is just fine. They are old and it’s OK if they look it.

      I’m having a lot of fun collecting them… although my wallet is hurting a whole bunch.

      Yes, the games for MVS are cheaper but to be able to play them you’ll need the full sized arcade cabinet or what’s called a consolized MVS (CMVS). Basically it’s the motherboard of the arcade cabinet customized with video and audio ports for your TV.
      But these CMVS consoles could set you back $300-$400 USD for a good one. Don’t even look at ebay.

      If you’re serious about collecting for Neo Geo you have to sign up on the neo-geo.com forums. You’ll learn everything you need to know there.

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  2. They look really nice ^__^ I found a bunch of Neo Geo games at the convention yesterday! But all the boxed ones I already had.. :/ And I kind of don’t feel like buying unboxed ones now that I have such a nice collection started thanks to you ;D


    • Thanks! Yeah, I do think the MVS carts look much better with their new labels… but no where near as nice as AES carts!
      I worked hard at getting complete games when I was collecting for AES. My thought was that I would not be able to afford many so I wanted a nice little collection. Take care of my babies for me! 😛
      You should try to get familiar with AES prices. Cause if you find a really good game that is cart only you might want to grab it if the price is right. But I totally understand wanting complete games (or at least with the case).


    • Thanks Luis!
      I really do love games on cartridges. I do wish they cost a little less 😛 Specially now that I’ve discovered Neo Geo. But at the same time the Neo Geo’s cool factor is off the charts!


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  4. I did the same thing with Neo stuff. I initially bought a modded AES system but when I started looking at carts the prices were stupid. I ended up buying cyber lip and nam 1975 before I threw in the towel and went MVS.


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  6. Looks very tidy but that KOF 2003 cart and label was a boot in the first along with the sticker. KOF 2003 was only released in black


    • According to mvs-scans -> http://www.mvs-scans.com/index.php/King_of_Fighters_2003
      KOF 2003 does come with a blue label… but you’re still right.
      I opened up this KOF 2003 and the PCB clearly does not match the scan at mvs-scans.com so yes I do believe it’s a bootleg.
      It even has many of those small ICs that SNK never used, no ‘SNK’ printed on the boards and signs of hand soldering in a few places.
      I paid $45 CAD including shipping so if nothing else I didn’t spend too much more than the real value of a boot; which seems to be about $20 USD going from what I’m learning at the forums at neo-geo.com.
      Not too long ago an ebay seller sold me Metal Slug 5 for $150 USD and it was a boot. It was a crazy hard fight but I managed to get ebay to refund my money. Buyer be warned; watch out for ebay!

      Thanks for the heads-up neo-geo-mvs. I think I’m going to go through all of my carts and verify them just for piece of mind.


  7. You do have to be careful when the cart has a replacement label or a cart case that is not the official release. Like the Metal Slug 5 you bought had a transparent case. This only came in a black case.

    The boots labels do look official but look out for spelling mistakes in the copyright bit etc.

    Your collection looks great so fingers crossed there are no more boots!


  8. Very cool. I’m actually trying to finish up an old MVS cabinet with the marquee, but I’m not sure which one I have. My marquee area measures approximately 24″ x 14″. Is that what your Big Red measures? Thanks!


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