6 comments on “Pick-Ups – Game X 2.0 Game Swap June 2018

  1. Nice haul. I didn’t realize Flink had shot up so much in price. That Ecco looks like a re-wrap to me based on that photo. I think the seam on the side was a giveaway. Also, some (most?) NA SCD games had hang tabs on the back for showcase displays. The tags could be removed carefully from the wrapper, but you’d generally see some glue residue afterward.


  2. Nice haul! Btw, you can get a Japanese Mega CD copy of Keio Flying Squadron for a fraction of the price a US copy goes for. Using an Everdrive you can boot the region free BIOS to work with your North American Sega CD console. I’ve picked up many import titles over the years thanks to this. IMO the Sega CD dosen’t have as many quality games that the PC Engine CD had, but there is still plenty of fun to be had.


    • I do have a few Japanese Mega CD games; Popful Mail, Aleste and Sol-Feace. I’m now trying to sell two of them. So I’m kind of on the fence about getting imports for the Sega CD. However, Keio Flying Squadron would be a great exception. But at about $200 I’m on the fence again 😛
      I do have a TG-16 CD but I can’t play Super-CD games so that removes a lot of titles for me. I’m also partial to HuCard games just cause they’re pretty amazing. The PC Engine rocks and I’d love to have it but I’m trying to stick with the current consoles that I have now. Winning the lotto would solve this problem.


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