11 comments on “Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Reproductions

  1. I’m torn on these because it seems that paying for bootlegs is now the new “normal” in retro collecting. One one hand, this company does an INCREDIBLE job with a lot of hard work put into their product. On the other hand… yeah, it’s not a “legal” version of the game. Of course, you have to blame whomever holds those copyrights for not doing anything to prevent this, thus the making, marketing and selling of these things.

    THAT said, lol, for the money these aren’t actually that expensive because as noted, they DO look incredible. I looked at their page and was happy to see stuff that normally goes for double to many times the price as originals. On the other hand, it’s weird to see these games out at the same time the originals in some cases.

    In short, I’ll probably buy a few, feel guilty about it for a day and move on to NOT feeling that at all because I can play stuff as it’s meant to be played and not emulated.


    • Hey geelw,
      I share many of the same thoughts. I would much prefer an original game produced by Sega. Wouldn’t it be great if Sega started making their games again on cartridge?!
      And because I’m not made of money I really do love that there is an alternate for getting many of these hard to get games. I love anything that will help slow (or stop) the sales of insanely priced games. If people stop paying $200-$400 for a single old game then the prices will come back down.
      I feel 100% about adding a translated reproduction game to my collection because it gives me the ability to play something that I otherwise would not be able to.
      I’m going to try and be selective about which ones I pick up. Buying just those repros of very expensive games that I’ll actually play.


    • I also have that same version you have 🙂 However, I could not resist getting a version that looks so true to what Sega was trying to release.
      If nothing else the ‘hack’ version is still cool because it’s from back in the day when the Genesis was current. Both make for nice collectables.

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  2. Could you scan or take pictures of the English manual for Monster World IV? I was going to translate the manual myself, but it would help to compare to other reference material.


    • Where could I download this fantastic artwork and manual from Monster World IV? I would like to make a Spanish version. Thanks in advance!!


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