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There is a vast amount of fantastic video game content out there on the internet and through my travels I have found and used many different materials here at TheSegaCollection. I would like to give credit and offer my thanks and appreciation to all of the people who have contributed to the content of my blog and my hobby.

Below are a list of sites and/or people who I found and displayed something of theirs. To all of you: Thank you!
However, if anyone wishes that I remove something that I have used and should not have please let me know.

017. Yet again; Video Games made art. Modusprodukt has really nailed an awesome look for the Kid and his 16-bit world. Click TheSegaCollection Kid Chameleon Banner to see modusprodukt‘s art as it appears on this site.
016. Very cool Dr. Robotnik! The caliber of JoshSummana‘s art is so far beyond this 16-bit game. Dr. Robotnik much more sinister than ever! Click TheSegaCollection Sonic Banner to see JoshSummana‘s art as it appears on this site.
015. I just love it. What an awesome interpretation of the Fishman created by Trebeck. It makes me what to see a whole Phantasy Star game skinned in this style. Click TheSegaCollection Phantasy Star Banner to see Trebeck‘s art as it appears on this site.
014. This excellent Streets of Rage poster was created by XGoldenboyX; who is also working on character designs for Project Y. Click TheSegaCollection Streets of Rage Banner to see XGoldenboyXs art as it appears on this site.
013. Deep down I always knew that in the right hands Alex Kidd could be cool again. This serious looking Alex Kidd was created by samuraiblack. Click TheSegaCollection Alex Kidd Banner to see samuraiblack‘s art as it appears on this site.
012. That’s right the Kid can take care of himself. Enter Alex Kidd! This arse kicking Alex was created by BG87. Click TheSegaCollection Alex Kidd Banner to see BG87‘s art as it appears on this site.
011. Talk about rebooting a classic. Finding this Space Harrier was an awesome surprise. It is really very amazing. This ‘new again’ Space Harrier was created by virtualninjas. Click TheSegaCollection Space Harrier Banner to see virtualninjas‘ art as it appears on this site.
010. You just can’t have enough Golden Axe. This excellent Golden Axe hero profile piece was created by dchan316. Click TheSegaCollection Golden Axe Banner to see dchan316‘s art as it appears on this site.
009. I’m always looking for ways to pretty up the site and give it a more SEGA feel. I recently discovered a simple but cool alternative approach to wallpaper. Forget repeating tiles that’s so 2005. Instead I’ve posted my favorite heroine Alis Landale as drawn by ~yume.
008. After discovering Sonic Fan Remix I was so impressed by the work that I used some of Sonic Fan Remix art for a site banner. Be sure to check out Sonic Fan Remix. Click TheSegaCollection Sonic Fan Remix Banner to see the art as it appears on this site.
007. It’s really very exciting to discover how loved many of my favorite games are. I think a lot of us must have very fond memories of our Sega’s 🙂 I wasn’t able to identify the artist for this Phantasy Star generations piece but the previous link is where I found it. Click TheSegaCollection Phantasy Star Banner to see this art as it appears on this site.
006. More awesome fan art! This very zen Fantasy Zone master piece was created by fuzzball288. Click TheSegaCollection Fantasy Zone Banner to see fuzzball288‘s art as it appears on this site.
005. Look close, everything is there, everything is captured. This visceral and feral depiction of Altered Beast was created by ~Vandrell. Click TheSegaCollection Altered Beast Banner to see ~Vandrell‘s art as it appears on this site.
004. This wont be the first entry for this excellent artist. This beautiful Robo Aleste is a fantastic tribute to an excellent Genesis shooter created by Vandrell. Click TheSegaCollection Space Robo Aleste to see Vandrell‘s art as it appears on this site.
003. I originally found this fantastic drawing of Golden Axe’s Tyris Flare at but there was no credit for the artist. I’ve looked very hard and I cannot find who created this. If anyone knows I would really appreciate it if you could send me a quick email with a their details. I do wish I could give proper credit for this.
002. While making several title banners for TheSegaCollection I found some awesome artwork. The Ghouls’n Ghost art was created by EnricoGalli. Click TheSegaCollection Ghouls’n Ghost Banner to see EnricoGalli‘s art as it appears on this site.
001. If anyone from SEGA were to ever see this site I’m hoping they would see it as a tribute to some of the amazing things they’ve created. Decades later I’m still loving these game and I’m still wishing that SEGA might try for another console someday 🙂 and/or give some serious love to this era of gaming.
Thank you! You guys ROCK.