Take some time to explore some of my favorite SEGA related sites. This could include anything from other collectors, forums, technical info and sellers.

If you know of a great site that you think I should see please let me know 🙂
email the Sega Dude @

  Fan Sites

A fellow wordpress blogger who has taken his love for the Mega Drive to the next level. It wont take long to see the raw talent brewing here. Grey matter is oozing out of every post! Matt is working on unraveling the secrets of developing software for the Sega Mega Drive. I have high hopes that he might be following in the foot steps of Fonzie and Pier Solar!

Although not exclusively about video games or Sega geewl has an excellent video game collection and most of the site contents is about all things video games. geewl is also the first person to follow TheSegaCollection! And likewise I started following fanboydestroy as soon as I found a home here at wordpress.

Ian Wilson is one of the founders of and watching his crack’in Mega Drive collection grow over the years played a big part in why I brought my collection back online. A fantastic site for all thing Mega Drive. Find out what is all about right
from Ian himself.
MyNintendoDimension MyNintendoDimension

Visit a very close friend of mine and check out his excellent NES and SNES collection. Have your own collection? Just like me he’ll be very happy to trade or buy/sell games with you. He’s a maniac who knows how to throw some good money into a collection!

If you’d like to meet someone who is so very dedicated to playing retro video games then this should be your next stop. You’ll find excellent reviews and game play recordings from actual hardware detailing extensive play throughs!


Not exclusively Sega related and an excellent community of retro gamers. Many fans gather here to show off their collections and get down right technical on all retro gaming systems. Come see what other excellent fans are up to, learn how to repair that broken console or just share your enthusiasm.

This one of my favorite SEGA sites. It’s a fantastic community who have helped bring together a massive collection of content for the SEGA Genesis. You’ll find thorough and fully developed game reviews and a forum where no questions will go unanswered.
smspower.orgThis is also one of my favorite SEGA sites. There is a tremendous amount of Sega Master System content and knowledge on this site. Including a very healthy home-brew community.



For a very long time hit-JAPAN has been my source for Japanese Mega Drives games. They offer a good rating system that has helped me access the condition of their games. My collection would be significantly smaller with out hit-JAPAN.

After discovering Play-Asia I was able to work out a great deal on a bulk purchase of nine Japanese Mega Drive games. Play-Asia are wonderful to deal with and I love them so very much. Thy are why I was able to get Panorama Cotton into my collection. A very good source for Japanese Mega Drive games.

This is a Brick and Mortal store. Kamal( is collector as well as a seller. If you pay him a visit you’re just as likely to spend time chatting about video games as you are buying them. Pickering Flea Markets – Buy-Sell-Trade – Located in Aisle E-F back wall, Booths 3112,3113,3114.

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