Now You’re Playing With Power!

Now You're Playing With Power!

This is the Sega Master System control pad. It rocks!.. even though it doesn't have a pause button.

Microsoft Once Considered Buying SEGA

Microsoft Once Considered Buying SEGA

Microsoft's long-rumoured plan to acquire SEGA never came to pass because Bill Gates was sceptical...

Mega Drive – New Additions (Battletoads…)

Mega Drive - New Additions (Battletoads...)

Three new Japanese Mega Drive additions for the collection... And two of them I'll be able to play!

SMS – New Additions (Fire and Forget II…)

SMS - New Additions (Fire and Forget II...)

New Sega Master System games for the SegaDude's Collection. These three additions are an exciting haul.

Pre Order Volgarr the Viking: So Say the SegaDude

Pre Order Volgarr the Viking: So Say the SegaDude

Something fun happened to me on the Internet today. Although small... so very small. I have finally left my mark!

Something fun happened to me on the Internet today. Although small… so very small. I have finally left my mark!

A blog post I wrote about the very excellent game Volgarr the Viking had a quote drawn from it and used in an effort to promote the sale of the game. How fun is that?!
It’s a bit hard to read but you can click on the image to see a larger version or better yet visit to see the live pre-order site.

Volgarr the Viking - Labor of Love

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OK, a few more Sega Master System games for the SegaDude’s Collection :) These three additions are an exciting haul for me. All of them have very good covers for Sega Master System games and they are also pretty good games.

First up is Fire & Forget II. I feel it’s the least exciting of these three but still an OK game. It looks like a mash up between Spy Hunter and Space Harrier which I thought was kind of neat. But I do find that 8bit games of this style don’t usually age very well. This copy of Fire & Forget II is in Excellent condition.

SMS - Fire and Forget II

Fire & Forget II

I am really impressed with Streets of Rage for the Sega Master System. Yes, the graphics are not as good as the Genesis version but it is still really well done. It’s only single player vs. two player but you can still chose one of three characters to play and it has eight stages. This is a very impressive SMS game and this copy is in Excellent condition.

SMS - Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage

Alien Storm is also really well done on the Master System. Again not as good as the Genesis version but it’s still a really worth while addition. The only really issue is the SMS version has only four stages compared to eight on the Genesis. This Alien Storm is in Excellent condition.

SMS - Alien Storm

Alien Storm

Fire & Forget II - $17.00
Streets of Rage – $12.00
Alien Storm – $9.00
Plus $13 for shipping for all three. Setting me back $17 per game.

Raiden Densetsu is good top-down shooter. Not great but good. It doesn’t do much to stand out but it also doesn’t really screw anything up either. If this style of game is your thing then this would be a good title to pick-up. This one is in Very Good condition and I really do like the cover artwork.

Mega Drive - Raiden Densetsu

Raiden Densetsu

XDR X-DAZEDLY-RAY is no Thunder Force. I have scored myself another mediocre shooter. But just like Raiden Densetsu it’s cover art is nice and this one is in Excellent condition. There were so many shooter for the Genesis that these kinds of games really can’t help but embody the feeling of this retro era. It feels good to add these two titles to the collection.



Jantei Story Jyantei Monogatari. I look for new game so often that I have really become familiar with what’s out there. When I saw this one I had no idea what is was. I was hoping it might be some Sailor Moon-ish beat’em up or maybe something like Valis. But despite the fact that deep down inside I knew this was just another mahjong game I bought it anyways. And I was right (I think). I’m pretty sure it is a mahjong game. It might be some kind of dating mahjong game. Anyways, it’s in Excellent condition and is now hidden somewhere deep in the collection :)

Mega Drive - JANTEI STORY Jyantei Monogatari

Jantei Story Jyantei Monogatari

Raiden Densetsu – $22.00
Jantei Story Jyantei Monogatari – $15

And about $12 shipping for all. Which bringing these games to $23 each.

Battletoads is surprisingly good. I wasn’t expecting much from this game but I’ve always been a fan of the isometric view beat’em ups. They are usually fun games. Because Battletoad is similar in mechanics to games like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage it sometimes feeling a little silly with all it’s animal characters. It doesn’t pull it off the cute charm as well as something like Starfox does but I am nitpicking. This is a good solid game. Even though this copy is in Excellent condition it is expensive. If you can get your hands on it for $20 plus shipping it’s an easy call but to pay more you need to enjoy the collecting as much as playing the games.

Mega Drive - Battletoads


After Burner II is one of those games that rocked your world if you were around when it was new. It was all about the graphics and fast, smooth, intense action. I remember loving the complete 360 rolls and getting missile lock on a rows of enemy fighters and firing off those kick-butt heat seeking rockets. These days games like After Burner II, Space Harrier, Galaxy Force, Outrun, etc are just for those of us who remember and enjoyed these games when they were cutting edge. The game is still OK but I don’t think it’s going to impress anyone anymore. But regardless, I am very happy to have this Very Good condition copy in my collection.

Mega Drive - After Burner II (2)

After Burner II

Sangokushi II is yet another Japanese language dependent game that I will never be able to play. But it’s in Very Good condition and it was also very cheap. Welcome to TheSegaCollection Sangokushi II :)

Mega Drive - SANGOKUSHI II (2)

Sangokushi II

Battletoads – $48.00
After Burner II – $7.00
Sangokushi II- $5.00
Plus about $4 in shipping for all. So that’s just over $21 per game.
*Shipping isn’t that cheap for 3 games. They came with a few more that I’ll post later. $4 is just the per game cost.