8 comments on “Mega Drive Tetris

    • Very nice 🙂 You paid a pretty typical price. And since we’ll never have the official version this really is a nice addition. And it helps too that it’s also a good game. I spent a lot of time playing this Tetris. Very addictive with really hypnotic music.


  1. Honestly There is no “Legit or Licensed” copy of Sega Tetris since everything is a prototype copy, and for sure japanese prototype were send also to japan. Until the battle of License of Tetris for Nintento and Sega when nintendo won the license.
    Possibly the guy who signature the game to the designer, 1st ever declaration its “Legit” since it was signed by him, But still it will NEVER be the 1st Licensed copy since its a Unlicensed. Nintendo has the only copyright and authorized to declared any copy or it will be against the Law.


    • Hi Harold,
      You are definitely correct. I was should have said the image of the Japanese Sega Mega Drive Tetris is what it was going to look like if it was officially licensed and released by Sega as they originally intended. But since they lost the license for Tetris they never had an official copy. And there are none out there in the world.
      That being said I would still love to have a copy of this Sega produced unlicensed version if some of them actually did survive.


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