4 comments on “New Additions

  1. Nice collection!

    FZ was released here as FINAL ZONE, in case you haven’t figured that out yet. It’s a pretty cool iso action game with a fast pace, lots of weapons (with a loadout system that lets you choose what to take into battle) and some nice music. There was a sequel for the PC-Engine in Japan (i think FZ was also a PC-E game).

    King of the Monsters is a scaled back port of the popular arcade and Neo-Geo console fighter. It’s not bad if you haven’t played the original game, but some purists hate it because it’s not as pretty as the more expensive original.

    TLOH: Dragon Slayer is from Falcom and is (if I’m not mistaken), a port of either a PC or PC-E RPG. Falcom is, of course, a key RPG creator (Y’s series, LOH, many others)

    I finally got my copy of Star Odyssey a few days ago: http://fanboydestroy.wordpress.com/2011/11/05/whats-old-is-new/ and can report that it’s quite a good game, albeit very hard at the beginning. Once you gain a few levels, save up enough for the best gear and talk to everyone a few times (there’s NO journal or way to track quests, so expect a lot of back and forth walking), the game opens up quite a bit.


  2. Geelw, you’re a wealth of information 🙂
    Thanks for the comments.

    I do wish there was an English version of Dragon Slayer. It looks like a good RPG.

    I didn’t know King of the Monsters was a Neo Geo port. I’ve often thought about collecting Neo-Goe just because it was so completely out of reach back in the day. But things haven’t changed much. Games are still wildly expensive on the used market.

    I also recently received my copy of Star Odyssey and I’m please to hear you like it so far. I’m also happy to hear it’s pretty hard early on. That makes me think of Phantasy Star. I don’t mind some old fashioned xp grinding. It give advancing in the game some real value.


  3. Neo-Geo games have gone up and down in price over the years. I know the CD systems is cheaper, as are the games, but you’ll be dealing with long load times and less than stellar performance compared to the carts from what I’ve heard. I never could get into the system, despite its obvious strengths over the Genesis & SNES, but the folks I know who own one love it. I’ve played some standalone titles (Metal Slug series, assorted King of Fighters games, etc.) as well as Neo-Geo collection discs SNK did for other consoles and there are some great arcade games definitely worth hanging on to.


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