2 comments on “New Additions

  1. That Mazin Saga you have is the Asian version, made to sell in regions such as Hong Kong where you have English-speaking gamers who don’t/can’t read Japanese. So you still have an official release. I have this version as well. The game is based on Go Nagai’s Mazinger -Z manga/anime and is quite challenging. Best part: the boss battles with excellently animated sprites

    Crying was released in the US as Bio-Hazard Battle (yes, both the MD cover art and title are more interesting).


    • Hey Geelw,
      This is excellent news. I thought for sure my version was a mix and match of the Japanese game with a Euro manual.
      But I can see that the manual does not say Mega Drive with the Euro Mega Drive font. I would have never known. Thanks for the details!


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