2 comments on “Two Brand New Additions

  1. Light Crusader is from Treasure (Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, Dynamite Headdy, et cetera) and is an isometric Action/RPG with interesting puzzles that involve manipulating objects in the environments. It’s a bit unique and very underrated. I recall it not selling all that well when it was released, as it was available almost everywhere I saw Genesis games when the console was on the way out. I’ve owned no less than five copies since I first saw the game. The last I picked up for around five dollars new a few years back.


  2. Back in the day Light Crusader slipped under my radar. For a long time since I started collecting Genesis games I’ve wanted to add it to the collection. However, I don’t really want to open the copy that I have. I don’t know why… it would still be in excellent shape if I did. But I think I’ll pick up another cheap copy some day down the road.


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