2 comments on “Kacho Go!

  1. You know, Xseed Games released a DS game “based” on the show called Retro Game Challenge that has a bunch of faux retro games to beat based on popular genres. They’re all fun and will give you some nostalgia shock in a good way.

    Battle Golfer Yui is awesome and fun to play, btw. A golf RPG is weird enough, but it’s nice in a way because you can get through a lot of the game with little to no Japanese knowledge…


  2. You really do have a ton of video game knowledge!
    And after watching that Retro Game Master show for Battle Golfer Yui and reading your comments on it I’m becoming very interested in trying it out.
    I’ve seen it for sale a ton of times but never thought anything of it. But now… I suspect I might end up with some day soon. 😀


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