2 comments on “GEN Mobile

  1. I’m KICKING myself for selling my Mega-Jet! Say, is that GEN Mobile an official Sega product? It looks pretty cool, D-pad and quality issues aside. I’d probably use it for RPG’s only, so the D-Pad thing (it’s like the PlayStation D-pad) doesn’t bother me too much…


  2. I found a review of the Mega-Jet on youtube and it seems like that really is a very rare item. Very cool but not so practical seeing you need a TV and power to use it. geelw I’m starting to get an idea of how much stuff you use to have! 😀
    I don’t know for certain if the Gen Mobile by Hyperkin is officially licensed but it might just be. The Sega Genesis logo is stamped all over the packaging and there is reference to Sega trade marks. The only comment about licensing states that this product was distributed by Hyperkin under license from AtGAmes Holdings, Ltd.
    And you’re right; the D-Pad is very much like the PS1. For any turned based game the GEN Mobile would work very well. It’s just a shame that a physical piece of plastic is the biggest problem with this product.


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