3 comments on “*Reblog: Psycho Fox for Sega Master System

  1. I actually never finished Psycho Fox, so I’m glad someone stuck it out and has video proof, to boot. I’ll have to replay PF one of these days when I can make room for the ol’ Master System (or MSII) in front of my TV in the bedroom. I already have five consoles stacked atop each other in there as it is – six would be asking for trouble. Unless I put the SMS on the floor near the bed… Hmmm…


  2. all is possible geelw ;D
    I’m actually contemplating building my own customized TV-stand-shelf-thingy to hold all my consoles and games, however it would probably be too big for any wall in my house.. and also since the collection is constantly expanding that piece of furniture would probably turn insufficient soon >_<


  3. Hello geelw and stopxwhispering!
    I feel like I have some explaining to do 😛

    stopxwispering’s Psycho Fox post is the first blog I’ve tried to reblog. I tried by using the wordpress feature reblogged… and it sucks. I was not at all happy with the formatting. Images were crammed into the blog and it did not look at all like stopxwispering’s original post.
    So I have remade the post and moved your comments… Well I copied your comments as best I could. Once I’m done with this comment I will delete the original reblog. I’ll lose your ‘likes’ and the time stamps on your comments are wrong but this was the best I could do. Free hosting from wordpress.com does not allow for add-ons that I think would have enabled me to do a better job at moving comments.
    Actually I’m really surprised that I was able to get your avatar icons in the posts. That just happened when I filled in your email addresses (which I had from your original comments). I’m guessing that since you both have WordPress sites that the site knew who you were and filled in some details. I think this is a real security concern because it looks like it would be very easy to write a comment and make it look like it was from someone else.
    I think I might post this flaw to the wordpress forum.
    However, I think my use of this loop hole has not been an exploit. I was just trying to make my blog look pretty. I hope you two are ok with this! 😀
    I also tried very hard to give credit where it’s due and I have provided many links back to RETRO Video Gaming.


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