6 comments on “New Additions – Five Genesis Games

  1. Thanks geelw 🙂
    I’ve never actually played any of the JoeJam & Earl games. I heard the first one was good. But I don’t know much about the others. Not even sure how many ToeJam titles were made. I think I have to start playing these games more often. My buying is way out pacing my game time!


    • Oh, definitely grab the first TJ & E game, as it’s pretty fun stuff. It’s a randomly generated cross between an adventure game and a rogue-like, as no two plays have the save level layouts. The third (and final) game was an Xbox exclusive and sort of mixes the gameplay of the first two, but the 3D art is more weird than good. Still it has its moments and is worth tracking down…


  2. Cool! I have all of them except the Wolverine and Toxic Crusaders, they look really interesting! 😀
    I might need to get a new ToeJam & Earl Game though, since mine is in German.. >__<


  3. Oh BTW, The Xbox version of ToeJam & Earl is good in my opinion, I had a lot of fun with it back in the day when it came out. A friend of mine and myself played through the whole game and got addicted to collecting all those darn presents!


  4. You guys have peeked my interest in TJ & E. I never really thought much of the game. Having never played it maybe I really missed out on something. But as you can see I’ll buy pretty much anything 😛 I’m looking forward to it.


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