3 comments on “Five Genesis Games – New Additions

  1. OMG! Final Zone looks so cool! And the music is awesome! I need to get me that…

    The art work for Atomic Runner is different on the PAL version: http://stopxwhispering.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/atomic-runner.png
    I am still working on it.. I will need all the luck I can get >__<

    Games based on movies are usually doomed to fail… they just make a sloppy job just to earn some extra cash on the franchise.. never knew there was a Batman Forever game though..



    • Yeah, Final Zone is a cool game. Love the artwork on that one.
      It’s neat to see the difference in the Atomic Runner covers. Both looks good. Thanks for sharing that!
      Still looking forward to your review of it! Even if you don’t beat it in the end 😛


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