4 comments on “Genesis Mods – The List

  1. Hey Matt,
    I wish I could say for certain that this list is complete. But I don’t know first hand. It’s the best I could dig up.
    I visited your site and it’s very cool. Thanks for the heads up on Pix’n Love’s The History of Sonic! 🙂 I just ordered it.


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  3. Or you could buy the Gen 1 model already modded with S-video, composite video, L/R Stereo out and the region mod from me. I have a handful I will be selling as I build them one at a time on ebay. $85 and free shipping. Visit me on ebay rlon1694. I have a few model 1’s with the FCC ID FJ846EUSASEGA from 1989 also but most are FJ8USASEGA. All are cleaned and on half of them I replace ALL of the capasitors. The ones I dont I’ll sell for $75 probably. All tested and working and played on before they leave my hands.


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