8 comments on “Going Pro!

  1. All these expansions are sure exciting! All this new space just means it needs to be filled with more games! No doubles. I’m glad you are honourable and didn’t just get some empty cases and print off some phoney labels to make it seem like you had it all. Very humble in my opinion. Keep up the great work;)


    • That’s right! All 100% real Sega games…. yes, very honourable indeed.
      If anyone is curious Jon is a very close buddy of mine and even though I know he cares really very deeply for me I also know he doesn’t give a damn about my Sega Collection. But it’s my own fault for subscribing him to my own site πŸ™‚

      Thanks Jon! See you Saturday.


  2. I say strap him in a chair in front of that TV when you add it to the new shelves and force him to play Dynamite Duke until his eyeballs fall out. That’ll make him respect you more (but he’ll really hate Dynamite Duke) ;^P


    • He use to be a real Sega fan like myself and he has zero patience’s. I’m worried that he’d be tearing my collection apart inside of two minutes if he was forced to play a retro game! I remember once when he and I were away at school I walked into his room after hearing him screaming to find he manage to get his foot wedged inside his computer after failing to beat a level in C&C Red Alert.


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