3 comments on “Dahna, Mega Drive – New Addition

  1. Ah, finally! I’m glad you got this one complete, as it’s one of my favorite MD games despite the control issues. It’s never been released outside Japan and yes, it’s a bit of a rarity, thus the higher price point. I’ll also add that the cover art was absolutely what made me buy a copy some years ago, as it’s inspired by Barry WIndsor Smith’s run on Conan the Barbarian. I forgot what I paid for mine, but I think I got it as part of a huge MD games lot, so it averaged out pretty cheap all things considered. I still haven’t finished the game (I think I got to the fourth stage), but one day I’ll get back to it…


    • I’m glad to hear you like Dahna so much too. I had remembered liking it from way back in the day but aftr reading about it recently before I bought it I got the impression that people didn’t have much love for it.
      After I tried it again I found it really was a fun and cool game. It also looks like they put a lot of effort into the story too (for a 16-bit era game). Too bad I can’t read it.


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