4 comments on “Mega Drive – New Additions (Raiden Densetsu…)

  1. Three more fun games! Yeah XD-R is kind of weak, but it’s not the worst MD shooter out there. The version of Raiden for the system is OK, but I know some people who hate it (well, if you have it on MAME, yeah, you can be picky I suppose). That Mahjong game is indeed a cutie capture game, but if you learn how to play it, it’s actually fun. Do you have Mahjong COP for the MD yet? That’s a detective mahjong game that you won’t play, but I like the cover art…


    • I looked up Mahjong COP and have I seen it before but I didn’t know what it was. Maybe I should buy it just to man-up and balance out my mahjong collection 😛
      Is ‘cutie capture game’ an actual genre? I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that.


      • Oh, I made that up, but I tend to do that with some game genres (hack ‘n slash is chase ‘n chop, so you’ll see that pop up from time to time). There are a bunch of Japanese dating sims or other game types that revolve around beating anime (or real-life) gals at assorted mini-games in order to get a date (or more), but there are plenty of SERIOUS collectors of that stuff. I just like the silly idea of them because it’s so far removed from reality that you have to laugh…


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