7 comments on “Pre Order Volgarr the Viking: So Say TheSegaDude

  1. NICE. Well, done dude!!! And hey, what do you expect when ya do a good write-up? That’s one more reason to do reviews, sir! I’ve been quoted on game boxes before (PC titles like Daemonica and Xpand Rally and some other old stuff), but like you, I didn’t expect it until I got an email saying I was being quoted or a copy popped up in the mail and surprised me.


    Oh – did you see the Super Fighter Team news on my site? I know you like your physical copies (same here), but that triple pack of RPGs is tough to pass up for $20…


    • Hey geelw. You’ve made it onto retail boxes eh? That’s very cool. I hope you bought those games as keep sakes. I didn’t actually get a notice, I just found my quote by chance. It was very surprising.

      I did see your Super Fighter Team news on your site! And I think I will buy it. It might be my only chance to get Beggar Prince in their Trifectapack. I think I should blog about this 3-pack too 🙂


  2. Yeah, I actually have the games with my quotes on them in the collection. I don’t go out of my way to get quoted, so I was amused when it happened. I don’t think Beggar Price, Legend of Wukong or Star Odyssey are getting physical copies again (unless a miracle occurs), but one never knows… some sort of crowdfunding would be cool, but I definitely respect Brandon getting these out digitally so more folks can play them at an excellent price…


    • Yes, right now Volgarr the Viking is only for Windows. I don’t think they will ever be a phyical release 😦

      This quote is from thier Kickstarter page:

      “Volgarr will be released as a Windows PC game initially, hopefully on Steam. If all goes well, once completed we hope to port the game to other platforms such as the Ouya (we supported Ouya on the developer level) and anywhere there is enough interest. This project funding is purely for the PC version, however.”


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