3 comments on “Volgarr the Viking Gameplay!

  1. And the winning of a free copy of Volgarr the Viking is…

    No one wanted a free copy of this great game?!

    I can’t believe that. I think it must be that my site is just too small 😛 Oh well, I tried.


    • This is late, but I’d take the free copy if you still have it.

      As for why? I love old hard platformers like this; any of the Ghosts N Goblins series, Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania. And the homage to Rastan is fantastic. I think it’s great people are still making games like this. Platformers, and 2D in general, are NOT dead. They just got put on the backburner while everyone chased 3D.


      • Hey Brian,
        Thanks for the post!
        Sorry, but after my offer expired I ended up giving my copy of Volgarr to Geelw @ http://fanboydestroy.com just because I thought he might like it.
        If I still had it I would have given it to you.
        I hope you’re still willing to toss $12 at it. It’s a great game!


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