2 comments on “Genesis – New Addition (Sol-Deace)

  1. Nice addition! I remember seeing a few copies of this for $15 new many years back when the Genesis was fading away but it wasn’t being bought by me because of the Sega CD version (Sol-Feace) not being so hot. While the cart version loses the Redbook audio and animated intro, I found out later that it has a longer ending and changes the main story a little bit. Still, it’s not exactly Wolfteam’s finest hour (that flicker gets annoying in some stages). I wish I’d have cleaned the place that had them out, as it’s gone up in value since. And yeah, your sticker removal went supremely well.

    Aha. I dug up a review you can check out: http://www.sega-16.com/2011/04/sol-deace/


    • Hey geelw!
      I am happy that I was able to fix it up pretty well and it looks like I saved about $20 from the typical price tag. Even though that’s not super exciting it’s not nothing. And it was fun sorting out the stickers.
      I go to Sega-16.com a lot. I love the reviews there! Seems like the reviewer had the same impression that I did. But I think I might have scored it a wee bit lower despite the fact that it still is a good game.


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