5 comments on “Watermelon Team – Project Y Development Screen Shots

  1. You certainly did your research on this one. The idea of an RPG beat em up sounds intriguing. I’ve never really been a huge fan of the double dragon series (golden axe was a lot better), but to be able to build up your character sounds like fun!


  2. Did you ever play Streets of Rage (1,2 or 3) for the Genesis? They are really good and very similar to Golden Axe except the setting was modern day.
    Yeah, I also like the idea of an RPG beat’em up. I have no idea what Watermelon Team is going to put into this game but leveling up your Character does sound like a great feature.
    Hopefully we’ll get more news soon!


  3. I’m not sure how to manage an update to a particular post. I’ve added the following in the body of the post above but no one will get a notice about a change. So if anyone has checked to be notified of new comments you’ll see this:

    After publishing this post I got a message from Luis Martins who told me that the artwork and backgrounds you’re looking at here are from the actual Project Y video game and are 100% Watermelon Team.

    Luis Martins: “Yes it is legit, all the artwork is from the actual game even the backgrounds.”

    He did want me to also say that this is very much a work in progress and things may change or look different in the final game. So you can disregard my speculation as you read it below.


  4. Meh I do not really care anymore about anything SEGA related. They sent an seize and desist letter to “Bombergames” ( which created an top down remake of SOR HD for the PC that is free ). So I don’t really care anymore about this stuff reguarding SEGA rubbish. I love 8-bit consoles but I feel robbed nowadays. I am looking forward to this stuff but i feel robbed still.

    I am also getting real tired of the extra, pale, and extra whitey graphics of Watermelon team artwork. ( I do not mean to be rude braa ) Like the artwork on the cover of this website and the games itself. I mean seriously people are white but make them colorfull for crying in the mud. I am tired of seeing the same shade of grey, or whatever on peoples skins.

    Even the original Airbrushed works, have more energy. Your artwork ( the High end, obviously computer colored teh living day lights out of, obviously lacks the energy of actual 8-bit games and so forth. Even the god forsaken Dreamcast ( mainly Japanese ) have more happier graphics.

    While times are messed up now, with nobody fighting privacy, or nobody caring about the actual internet we grewed up and lived with at all. All the fake-bs about the Orient and lies from the media and government which is depressing and all.

    I know the population is aging and becoming more reckless and easier to control due to lack of children and young adults but the artwork should be more happier and uplifting. I guess all things die right? Including happiness.

    Did you know that Roman statues were all colored and in time the paint just peeled off and left the statues looking the way they do??/ That is how it feels looking at these artworks. Graphical yes but lacking in energy that made great game artwork alive.


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