8 comments on “Master System – New Addition (Battle Outrun…)

  1. There are clamshell versions of Gauntlet IV (I have one here) and I believe Stormlord (I need to check and see which one I have) that were released in the US and Canada. I think the Japanese Gauntlet IV is an expensive game these days, so if you got it cheap, it was a great deal. Nice haul, by the way!


    • Hi geelw!
      Both my copies of Gauntlet IV are clam shells. I’ve also noticed that the Japanese Mega Drive version of Gauntlet IV has really gone up in price. I’m seeing this trend a lot. In fact I’ve almost stopped buying retro games because so many have become too expensive. Ironically I just purchased two complete NEO GEO games because they were cheap. $100 including shipping for Nam 1974 and Riding Heroes. I haven’t received them yet and hopefully they are in good condition as described.

      If you ever find your copy of Stormlord I’d love to know if it is in a clam shell. I did another search online and I haven’t been able to find a picture of anything other than the cardboard box version for the Genesis.

      After reading your post about the music for Child of Light I bought the game! It looks like it’s going to be a good bit of fun 🙂


      • Aha- it’s the Japanese Stormlord in the plastic case and the US one in a cardboard one (I have both here). I recalled a plastic case version thanks to me having one long ago that was a rental someone made a custom cover for. it seemed they split the box and made a color copy to slide into the case.

        I think with the exception of Hard Drivin’ and Dragon’s Revenge all the other Tengen games have been expensive for ages. I’d never seen a Japanese Gauntlet for under $80 complete save for once when I saw it for about $45 and it got snapped up in a hurry.

        Child of Light looks as if it’ll be a huge sleeper for Ubisoft – I hope it gets the sales it deserves, as the art is so gorgeous!


        • I’m curious. How many Sega Genesis / Mega Drive games do you have? Do you still have your Genesis console? Do you have any of your retro systems hooked up?


  2. Hmmm… I need to see if I have that BO game in my collection, I suppose. I think I do, but i haven’t gone through my SMS collection in a while…


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