20 comments on “Collection Update 2014-05-18

  1. Nice work,sir. You’re HIRED! LOL! Now get a bus down here and get to work! Just kidding, of course. I never wanted an AES until I saw some games in an arcade MANY moons ago. But it was always so expensive and those games? Yikes. I’m happy I got my NEO GEO X even though it’s not flawless and I’ve played a few collections on other consoles that do a good job at introducing me to other games in the library.

    As for the TG-16, it’s an awesome system once you start seeing the cooler titles and get a few Japanese games in there to play. There are a ton of cool games in every genre (and yeah, a lot of RPGs, but most require language skills to fully enjoy) and the shooters are solid (with only a few duds). The nicest thing about those older CD games on this system (and others from the Sega CD to the PlayStation up to the Dreamcast): REDBOOK AUDIO!

    Pop one of those games into a CD player, skip the first track (it’s game data and may kill your speakers!), and if you see a track listing come up, it’s got music and maybe voice acting to listen to. I did a silly column on redbook discs a while back, but I need to did up that link and send it your way.


    • Thanks! I think the only essential element for displaying a collection is having enough room.

      I’m glad to hear you also like your Neo Geo X. I wish it got fair criticism instead of getting slammed by a few vocal people. I would love to see more volumes comes out (many more!).

      And I can’t wait to find more time to play the TG-16. I know already that is rocks. I just wish I could find an affordable System 3.0 HuCard card so I could play Super CD games.

      I use to pop data CDs into audio CD players just to see what I might find 🙂


  2. This looks amazing! Great job! 😀 I wish I had the space to display mines as nicely, but they’re just crammed into the shelf and I don’t even have enough room to put more in! >_< Too many games ;D Then again, I might just sort out some of the lesser good ones (like the RPG's ;D hahaha) and pile them somewhere else, then I might be able to get a few shelves that looks nearly as good as yours (but yours will always rock!, those pristine conditions and awesome additions like Musha etc) *wow*

    and btw, cool! I had no idea you could pop the CD games into a CD player?!?! gotta check it out ;D is it also possible to rip the audio tracks?? o_O *OMFG THE POSSIBILITIES OF AWESOME TUNES IN MY SPEAKERS!!!*

    *i want neo geo aes too* >_<


    • Thanks! Not all of my games are pristine. But they are all good. Condition matters but you can’t get too hung up on it. When I look at your collection everything looks really good too.

      Yeah, I think most old games on CD used regular audio tracks for music and even sound effects. So I bet you’d be able to rip the tunes off them without trouble 🙂 But like geelw said the first track is always the data and you have to skip it when using and an audio CD player.

      I know you… someday you’ll end up with a Neo Geo AES! 😀


      • Well I’m good at cleaning my games so they look fresh ;D but I have a lot of crappy manuals and broken plastics as well.. but I’m happy as long as I can play, and the games in my collection are meant to be played, I always invite people over to try out awesome games 😀

        That is awesome! I will get right to that tomorrow 😀

        indeed, just tonight I bought a VECTREX 😀 totally impulsive.. it was almost 700 USD.. o_O but it had ALL THE GAMES and accessories 😀 *yay*


        • That’s the way to do it! Get the games to play them. That should be priority one. Good call! 🙂
          Yeah, cleaning games and cases can make a huge difference. It’s well worth the time.

          And again, that’s the way to do it!! Get a new system that comes with EVERYTHING! Wow, you don’t mess around. I bet something as old as the VEXTREX is hard to find stuff for it. So you did really well snagging everything in one go. I’m really looking forward to that post!


    • Ancient article I wrote on redbook audio in games, ACTIVATE:


      It’s SO easy to get lost in a pile of game discs listening to tunes and making lists all day. I had a nice long list of something like 200-250 games that had redbook audio on them, but it got eaten in a hard drive crash some years back and I have yet to get back around to redoing it. There are a lot of audio surprises on many games, that’s for sure…


  3. Great collection!! Looks really nice, SEGA is under appreciated as a whole IMO!
    Wicked game room man, looks really nice! I like how you’ve put one shelf each on each side of the TV, I’m going to do that too when I get to it, I need more space for my collectibles, boxes and handheld games.

    Thanks for an awesome post!


  4. Good job in the rearrangement. It looks really awesome now! There is however one thing that is bugging me… why are the Wonderboy 1,2, & 3 going chronologically right to left. Every OCD person (myself included) knows it should be organized LEFT TO RIGHT!!! Aside from that I think your collection rocks!


    • Well, if it isn’t Nintendo Joe… Hello.
      I’ve been collecting Japanese video games for so long that maybe the culture is seeping into me 🙂 Japan is awesome so I’m good with that.

      Really, I wanted Wonderboy 1 to be seen. I have such good memories of that game and I love the crappy artwork of the early Master System cases too. It’s very retro and holds a lot of nostalgia for me.

      If nothing else I’m consistent. The Alex Kidd games just above Wonderboy are also right to left.

      It’s cool hearing what people notice about the collection!! Thanks 😀


  5. Nice collection! Very versatile and pretty. I did not only see Panorama Cotton and MUSHA, but a Pier Solar copy as well, wow 😉 . Where did you catch Earthworm Jim? I want one too. I voted Sega only on the poll. Less is more! Take care!

    Den 19 maj 2014 05:06 skrev “The Sega Collection” : > > SegaDude posted: “To the untrained eye (aka the uninterested) this update to my collection is not so significant. But I can see the difference and I had a lot of fun doing it. I had a bunch of Neo Geo AES games pilling up (they’re sooo Huge!) and I wanted to make room for ” >


    • Hi cjzebastian!
      Yeah, I have Pier Solar as well. I actually have the Japanese Mega Drive Posterity Edition and the reprint. I love it! 🙂

      Do you mean the Earthworm Jim figure? I got him at a local comic book store. He was $20 plus tax. He’s not that old so you might be able to still buy him. He’s really well done.

      Only Sega? OK, lets see of more people offer up their opinions.


  6. I say cover Sega stuff, as you ARE The Sega Dude, BUT also write about other stuff you like because games like Volgarr the Viking and your Neo Geo games wouldn’t get the coverage they need. All of your collection, Sega or not is worth a look to readers, so share anything you feel we need to know about.


    • Thanks for the feedback geelw! I was thinking that most people who like retro Sega games also have lots of love for many other retro systems too.


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