5 comments on “Super Trading with Retro-Video-Gaming!!

  1. WOW. I need to see about trading with both of you guys one of these days, lol. Let me know how that Flash game is, as I passed up on it years back and am kicking myself. You got some treasures there, friend! Dynamite Duke on the SMS is the last one you’ll see, as there was no Game Gear port as far as I know. The game is just as cheesy but funny as it is on the other systems.

    And yeah, Space Gun is MUCH better with the Light Phaser than with the controller!


    • That’s good to hear about Space Gun. I kind of like that game already. I’ll have to dig through my stuff and find another Light Phaser.

      I just tried the Flash and maybe it has potential. My first impression is it’s not that great. It’s definitely a platformer with lots of jumping and collecting pick-ups. Flash attacks by spinning into people and he has a close range attack that I seemed to miss with a lot. You take about 3 hits before before losing a life which is good but it’s missing something. I only gave it about 5 minutes so more time would be needed to do it justice.


  2. I’m so happy it arrived safely! 😀 And I’m happy that you’re satisfied with the trade ^_^ I’m still waiting for my package, but that’s ok, I already have games piling up on my desk even after clearing all the ones from japan! haha.. Now it’s mainly japanese N64, Sega Saturn and Playstation 1 o_O

    geelw! Just let me know if you wanna trade ;D I have a bunch of doubles!


    • I’m also happy they arrived. Thank you for the great games! Hopefully you’ll get my package any day now.
      I think even your backlog (giant pile of new arrivals) of games would make an interesting post! 🙂


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