12 comments on “Oh, yes. A CRT (Tube) TV can still be sexy!

  1. Nice! I have an ancient RCA in the living room and a smaller Magnovox tube (from 2002) in the home office> there’s also an HDTV here for modern stuff, but that bigger TV needs to be replaced at some point because the screen is starting to die and it’s only a matter of time before it’s gone for good.


    • Yes, as amazing as CRT TVs lifespan are they can actually die. I’m hoping to get 10 or more years of of my Sony CRT.
      I once considered buying an upscaler to hook-up my retro consoles into a modern TV but the one that seems to be the best is about $400. And in the world of upscaling I’ve read that $400 is considered very affordable. To me that feels pretty expensive!

      But I might get one someday. It depends on how good the Retron 5 is at both upscaling and gaming. It might be a better solution.

      XRGB mini Upscaler

      Retron 5


  2. Congrats man! CRT TVs are essential for retro gaming unless you have an expensive converter box for new TVs.
    It’s really something else that TV of yours, it looks very crisp even on picture! And that flat screen looks gorgeous.
    Lucky you had an indepted friend! 😀


    • Yup! I’m sure my friend never thought he’d ever have to carry a CRT TV again 🙂 Life is full of surprises!
      I think I would like one of those expensive upscalers someday. I might wait until I can get one used if I can.


      • An upscaler would be nice in the future indeed! I’ll wait until I buy one, at least until this CRT is dead 😀


        • If you ever see a super deal for a XRGB mini Upscaler let me know! 🙂 Or if buying two gets us a discount we should team up! But I’m like you. I’m not in a hurry for this… but I really do want one 🙂


    • I’ve heard a lot of people saying they like the image of a CRT TV. And I’ve read that CRT technology is capable of true HD resolutions. It seems like it was the weight that did them in.
      For my old retro video games I’m loving this TV. And yes it was really hard to move!

      Are you still using a CRT TV Perry? You into any retro video game systems.


    • Hi perrytanko2013!
      I have a Saturn but I haven’t really spent much time with it. I should give it more attention 🙂 A lot of people seem to really like it. I still like my Dreamcast for games like Grandia, Skies of Arkadia and Phantasy Star Online. But I still prefer the Genesis and SNES.

      Not too long ago I got myself a Neo Geo Arcade cabinet and wow I love it.
      I’d like to recommend it but it’s soooo expensive compared to other home retro consoles.


  3. I’m about to get a 20″ CRT TV off Craigslist for $10 (plus $10 to have it driven out here) for the purposes of retro gaming. Older games just don’t look right on HD TVs.


    • Very nice! For $20 all in you can’t go wrong. And I agree consoles built for CRT’s really do work best on a CRT.

      I recently purchased custom made component cables by HD RetroVision for my Genesis and plugged it into 720p LCD TV. And games actually look amazing, better than on a CRT TV but… there is the smallest bit of input lag and it’s enough to make playing many games problematic.
      It really does feel like the CRT route is the best and cheapest way to play retro games.

      Enjoy that CRT! I think it was an excellent purchase!


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