6 comments on “New Additions: NES, SNES and PS4 Indies

    • Hey Luis!
      I have WordPress automatically share my posts with my –> Retro Megabit Facebook Page.

      I still don’t understand well how Facebook works but I’m trying! 🙂

      Can you share non video content with Youtube? I though about making a slideshow of posts similar to this one but I wasn’t sure if it was worth while.

      I also have a –> Retro Megabit YouTube channel but there isn’t much there other than retro gameplay videos.


  1. That’s funny that you bought a game only because I don’t have it. Yes you can lord it over me for now, but hopefully not for long! I hear it is a good game:)


    • I wont be able to do this every time! But since it was for a game from one of Nintendo’s better IP’s I thought it was totally worth it. It wont be too long before Nintendo Joe has every NES and most SNES games so I have to enjoy these moments while I can 😛


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