3 comments on “Pick-Ups – CGCC Summer Swap Meet June 2017

  1. Good job!
    You made me buy the pamplet as well now. So I just had it ordered. But I also needed the map anyway, which I had been meaning to buy for about a decade or so. So I’ll have a complete Phantasy Star III soon too.
    Hey, wanna buy my boxed copy of Phantasy Star III I got for FREE when purchasing these said items?

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    • HaI I love it. Yeah, I’ve purchased whole games before just to try and make mine complete. It works reasonably well. You can keep the best of each extra and re-sell what’s left. I have a Herzog Zwei for sale right now because of exactly this same shotgun method 🙂

      And even though Phantasy Star III is the black sheep of the family it still wont be hard for you to sell.

      Was it hard finding the hint book pamphlet? I didn’t even know it existed until it was handed to me.

      I recently read your article on the ToTotek Mega Cart. Great job! I’ve had the thing for years and I had forgotten what it was for. Thanks for the details! I have a Japanese Sega CD of Popful Mail that I would like to try out. I just have to fix my Sega CD unit first…

      ToTotek Mega Cart

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      • Yes, my friend called it “Frankensteining”, bringing together parts from mutliple copies of the same item to make it complete.

        Phantasy Star III is a decent game on its own. but not as good as a Phantasy Star game. It should have been a spin-off, really. I’m still wondering if it started out as a different game and got the franchise slapped onto it in the last minute. Looking at the credits, I see its director also worked on the second game, so maybe it was planned to be what it is from the beginning.

        I just made a quick search on eBay, and it was among the search results. So, no, it was quite easy.

        Thanks man! Can’t believe I wrote that over 10 years ago. Time flies. Spent so much time figuring it all out. Most of the Mega Cart’s features have been eclipsed by the Mega Everdrive, but I still use it to play foreign Mega-CD games. Last time was when I fired up Dark Wizard a few weeks ago. Popful Mail is such a great game, hope you’ll have fun with it! The US release is a bit frustrating, but at least you understand what they say… ;).


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