4 comments on “Pick-Ups – Super Nintendo Classic Edition

  1. Fun story, I was lucky to find one ( the only one ) at a Pharmaprix store at 8:30 am, while I was shopping for something else. The lady at the cash said they sell them instantly like hot cakes.

    Not sure if they ever got anymore since. But congrats!

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    • Ah, Luis, you did it right! I’m really glad to hear you got one for the proper retail price. That is excellent.

      I only just discovered the news by chance that Nintendo plans to release more NES Classics next year so I’m hoping they’ll do the same with the SNES Classis too.

      Every retro gamer deserves to get both of these beauties. *I say that even though I haven’t yet had a chance to use one. They’re amazing, right? 🙂


    • She tried really hard to find both the NES and SNES classic. She really did. But she couldn’t (I couldn’t too for a long time). So when I managed to find it I handed it over to her so that she could give it to me for xmas. See, it all works out.


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