17 comments on “Pick-Ups – Game X 2.0 Game Swap June 2018

  1. Nice haul. I didn’t realize Flink had shot up so much in price. That Ecco looks like a re-wrap to me based on that photo. I think the seam on the side was a giveaway. Also, some (most?) NA SCD games had hang tabs on the back for showcase displays. The tags could be removed carefully from the wrapper, but you’d generally see some glue residue afterward.


  2. Nice haul! Btw, you can get a Japanese Mega CD copy of Keio Flying Squadron for a fraction of the price a US copy goes for. Using an Everdrive you can boot the region free BIOS to work with your North American Sega CD console. I’ve picked up many import titles over the years thanks to this. IMO the Sega CD dosen’t have as many quality games that the PC Engine CD had, but there is still plenty of fun to be had.


    • I do have a few Japanese Mega CD games; Popful Mail, Aleste and Sol-Feace. I’m now trying to sell two of them. So I’m kind of on the fence about getting imports for the Sega CD. However, Keio Flying Squadron would be a great exception. But at about $200 I’m on the fence again 😛
      I do have a TG-16 CD but I can’t play Super-CD games so that removes a lot of titles for me. I’m also partial to HuCard games just cause they’re pretty amazing. The PC Engine rocks and I’d love to have it but I’m trying to stick with the current consoles that I have now. Winning the lotto would solve this problem.


      • I’d say get a US Turbo Duo with (the System 3.0 version) and a PC-Engine Core system. This will let you play every US and most import games (import HuCards you’d run on the PC-E). I gather you don’t want to play import RPGs thanks to the language barrier, so you probably won’t need one of those expensive card adapters. On the other hand, you may want to go that way if you want to run Arcade Card CD games. Decisions, decisions!


          • Try to find the US Duo with the 3.0 update installed, as it’s likely easier to find than the card itself. Also, did you hear Limited Run Games is producing Sega CD/Saturn/PS1 longboxes? Keep an eye on their page or sign up for their newsletter, as the cases will be made of better quality plastic and are likely going to be a super hot item when they’re released.


            • I heard of someone making replacement longboxes and I have saw a video of early production but I had no idea it was Limited Run Games. That’s surprising. But it’s also great news. I am on their mailing list. And thank you for putting this on my radar!


    • Hey Heidi!

      You know, at first I didn’t like them at all. Partly because they are often broken and hard to replace. But now that I have a bunch of them they do look pretty good together.

      Genesis cartridge cases started with back grid boxes and later changed to red striped cases and there are a lot of exceptions to these two styles which does hurt the over all look and uniformity of a Genesis collection.

      I totally understand your appreciate for games that are nice an uniform.


  3. Nice video and collection! It was interesting to see the lack of a foam brick. I love the system. My personal favourites are Snatcher (I got it signed by Hideo Kojima when he visited Stockholm – I got the game for maybe $70 about 10 years ago long before it started to get pricey), Sonic CD, Popful Mail, Dungeon Explorer, Lunar 2, Earthworm Jim, Shining Force CD and Final Fight CD.


    • Yeah, I thought it was strange that Ecco didn’t have a foam brick. Some people have said early releases sometimes came like this.
      I feel very lucky to have my own Snatcher. It was a fun trading for that game.
      It looks like Earthworm Jim has become a bit expensive too. Not Snatcher expensive but still a few hundred bucks.
      I recently bought Dungeon Explorer (haven’t received it yet). It looks like a fun Gauntlet style game. And I’d love to find Shinning Force CD someday!
      So far, Popful Mail is still my fav Sega CD game.

      Do you still have your Sega CD collection?

      Is Snatcher ever worth a 2nd play-through?

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      • My Sega CD collection will follow me to the grave!
        Snatcher is so great so it is definitely worth a second playthrough. Especially if you played without a Justifier gun the first time.

        Also check out the fan translated spiritual successor, Policenauts on Saturn/PlayStation. It’s equally amazing!


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