5 comments on “‘Kung Fu UFO’ for the Sega Genesis is Ready for Crowd Funding!

  1. Hi guys,

    Seeing as the campaign’s have finished, is there anywhere to buy this game at the moment?



    • Hi Paul,

      Unfortunately the crowdfunding was not successful and this project is on hold.
      I spoke with the guys making Kung Fu UFO and they say they are going to continue to work on the game and try again at another time.


  2. My Top Five:
    1) Super Metroid
    2) Final Fantasy VI
    3) Zelda Link to the Past
    4) Donkey Kong Country
    5) Yoshi’s Island.

    I’m sorry but the arcade ports do not count, no matter how good games they were.
    Street Alpha 2, in SNES was a technical marvel and nevertheless it was not a SNES game of its own, but a home conversion of an arcade game.


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