6 comments on “New Additions – Three Mega Drive Games

  1. The funny thing about Slime World is it’s a “port” of an Atari Lynx game (minus a few things that were in the portable version!). Even more amusing: I always thought the main character was a little kid, as he’s packing a water gun (more or less a Super Soaker, if you think about it). Then again, those mega bombs are pretty deadly (as are all of the enemies AND that slime) and the game isn’t exactly easy.


  2. geelw is right. I did searching and Slime World is a port and there was a Genesis release of it by Renovations. It was renamed to Todd’s Adventure In Slime World.
    geelw was also right about the water gun!

    “Todd and Rooney are two regular space-exploring guys, and they’ve decided to start a business that utilizes their hobby. Unfortunately, business has been slow. That all changes, when Rooney announces the discovery of a blue-and-green planet made of a semi-liquid material. Before they can do any research, the two curious gentlemen bolt out the door and hop into their makeshift spacecraft failing to find out that their slimy destination is actually a habitat for some of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy. Take either Todd or Rooney through six challenging missions in this deadly trek into an unknown world. Armed with little more than a water gun, you’ll have your hands full with dozens of enemies in this nerve-racking game.”



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