4 comments on “New Additions – Three Mega Drive Games (again :)

  1. Omg! Haha it’s like we bump into the same things simultaneously all the time! I just got Patlabor in my mailbox today! however my edition was for Nintendo Famicom ^_^ I had never heard about it before I saw it on a Swedish trading site. I bought it as soon as I read it was a platformer ;D haha


    • You move fast! I just saw the link you added for me. Thank you very much 🙂
      Maybe I’ll make a little banner at the size you use but what you did is very cool.

      It is kinda small world-ish that we’re picking up the same stuff. Specially something obscure like Patlabor. I thought it was an adventure game. I didn’t know it was a platformer. Maybe the Famicom version is very different? I’ll to try it out and see what it’s all about.


      • I just made a gameplay video of Patlabor that I recorded from the Famicom Disk System, you can check it out here and see if it’s any different?

        Just let me know if you have a banner you’d prefer to use ^_^


  2. Thanks for showing your Patlabor for the Famicom. It seems to be very different from the Mega Drive version. I tried playing mine for a while and it feel like a RPG. I could walk around what felt like a Police base and talk to different characters stationed there. There were four Mech Robots parked in the base but I could never get anywhere. I couldn’t get into the robots and I couldn’t advance the story. Without knowing Japanese the Mega Drive version is not playable. I couldn’t find any youtube videos that show the actual game play. So I can’t say for sure if the Mega Drive version is an Adventure, RPG, strategy or other.
    I think you got the better version! 🙂 Yours looks like a good fun platformer!
    By the way, I LOVE your “a RETRO VIDEO GAMING Production” credit at the end. Very nice fun touch 🙂
    I will play with Photoshop a bit to see if I can make a banner at the size you use. But really the one you posted for me is very nice. Thank you for doing that!


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