3 comments on “Still Haven’t Learned

    • It’s funny that you should mention the Sega Ultimate Collection for the 360. Just today I was at your blog and I noticed your xbox gamer tag and your ridiculous gamer score!! (I’m just over 20k, yeah, that’s half your score…)
      I saw the Sega Collection and that you’ve gotten all of the achievements. Same here!
      YEAH, high-five!! 😀
      I actually got a little upset with Mean Bean machine. I had beaten the original Puyo Puyo on the Japanese Mega Drive but all these years later I was having trouble with this remake. So I used a code to get to the last level and cleaned up the egg man. Puyo Puyo is the best head-to-head puzzle game. And I do prefer the crazy Japanese characters to the Mean Bean version.


  1. Heh. I guess you should search for manulas on ebay for stuff you don’t have first. I’ve done the double copies for a manual thing a few times before myself, so I know how that goes…

    Fatal Labyrinth is pretty cool I hated it when it first came out until I realized that it was sort of a rogue-like game and I was willing to dig in deeper and try to beat the game, randomness and all. Of course, discovering shortly thereafter that Dragon Crystal on the Game Gear and SMS was the same game with some minor differences helped out a lot. Now I love these types of games quite a bit, althoght the Shiren the Wanderer series (and any games like this by Chun Soft still gives me fits from time to time)…


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