5 comments on “New Additions – Four Japanese Mega Drive Games

  1. I always try to avoid strategy and rpg games that are heavy in text where you will need to understand japanese to be able to play. I always double check a youtube video before buying something. However, I have accidentally acquired a few text-heavy j-rpg’s in my Famicom Collection. Even though I know a bit of japanese it’s not enough to make it through a whole game.. 😦


    • I love RPG’s. Big time 😀 I’m sure that’s why I like adding them to the collection even though I’ll likely not be able to play them. They often have good artwork that I like to display in the collection. Lately I’ve been buying more than playing. I should work on that.

      Ah, yes! I can’t count how many times I have accidentally acquired the wrong game… I have a bunch of doubles because of that. All this despite having a freak’in spread sheet on-line with all my stuff. ebay is very potent.

      But as for you accidental j-rpg’s for the Famicom; those are usually very popular and you could easily trade/sell them away. But since you do have them I think you should enjoy having them in the collection knowing that many people out there really want them. 🙂


      • I do, I do, I never get rid of any games I buy, not even doubles, it’s just too much fuzz setting up a selling account. I have a super neat excel spreadsheet with all my games sorted by system and in alphabetical order and I still manage to buy doubles >_< I bought Altered Beast three times, thinking I didn't own it already, just cause I wanted the games so much haha ^_^

        I prefer platformers/puzzlers and shooters before RPG's, I buy more than I play as well, which makes it harder to play RPG's since they are usually more time consuming.. 😦


  2. If you poke around, sometimes you luck out and get a walkthrough that may not translate the game, but at least tells you what to do/where to go for some RPGs/strategy games. I think there’s an English version of Megalomania (it may be a UK game, though), so you can always grab that at some point. Gemfire is a pretty OK game – I avoided it fr ages because I didn’t like how it looked for some reason (Hey, I never said I was smart!)…

    Off topic, but I recall the first import RPG I completed with no walkthrough was Airs Adventure on the Saturn. Not the greatest game out there, but there were only two areas I got stuck in and it took maybe an hour or so of fiddling about the map and menu to figure out what I was doing wrong.


    • When I got my copy of Phantasy Star Generation 1 from the Sega Ages 2500 series for the PS2 I did find a walk through for it. But it was still really tough to play the game. And this is one Japanese game I really really want to play. Man, I’m still praying for an English release even though it’s been canceled for many years now. Translate this game and bring back Firefly; is that too much to ask?
      I’m glad to hear you say that Gemfire is ok. From the screen shots it reminds me of Warsong which I really enjoyed a lot. So I think I will be looking for a copy.

      See you have a lot of patience to fiddle around and try all the menu options and areas over and over… it can get tedious and can sap a little of the fun out of a game. And I say this even though I have always been a very patient RGPer. I was always a happy grinder. 🙂


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