3 comments on “Pier Solar Original Sound Track

  1. Nice! I need to get Pier Solar one of these days. I’d been meaning to when I came into some money from a freelance job, but Watermelon wasn’t taking PayPal at that time, so there went that. I guess I can hit up eBay and pay a bit more one of these days, but I’m not too worried about getting the game at this point. It’ll be out there when I go looking for it…


    • It’s always been listed at a pretty high price on ebay. But with any luck Watermelon will sell another batch of them. Do keep an eye peeled cause it is a worth while game. The only problem is, if you do end up getting it you’ll be temped to buy a Sega CD too!


      • Oh, no worries there – I have a Sega CD and a Mega CD here, so if I happen to grab that soundtrack at some point, i can hear how well the music and sound effects are synched up with the game. I think that’s the only game that does this because Sega really didn’t max out the SCD’s capabilities when it was around.

        A few third-party developers (Core Design, mostly) did some outstanding things with visuals in terms of scaling effects and such, but there were no disc/cart combo games made (unless someone was working on something that got canceled)…


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