6 comments on “Pier Solar Game Guide and Watermelon Team`s Newest Project

    • Ah, stopxwhipering I think you might like this game 🙂 Very little is known so far but the genre will be a side scrolling beat’em up (beat-em all?) similar to Golden Axe or Streets of Rage. But it will be set in a post apocolypic cyber punk world. I get the impression this world will be something like a cross between Fallout and Blade Runner.
      Although, unlike Golden Axe and Streets of Rage I think it will have some (or a lot) of run and gun action like Gunstar Heroes. Don’t quote me on this cause it’s all too new but I don’t think you have to worry; it won’t be a hardcore RPG.
      And based on the quality of Peir Solar I think Watermelon team will be able to pull of something very good.


      • Yup, Pier Solar is all RPG. That’s for sure. And I love it! It’s an awesome game.

        Luis is an authority on the Watermelon Team Project Y and I’m very excited to see more of this game!

        I’ve already written up a post that I’ve schedule to publish next week. But if you google Watermelon Project Y you’ll be able to beat my post to the punch 😛

        Hi Luis! I’m a big fan of pretty much all 16-bit style games. I’m not interested in Sports games. And I’d have to say RPG’s, beat’em ups, shooters and platformers are my favorites… which is pretty much everything except Sports games.


  1. Nice. I know Super Fighter Team (who published Star Odyssey on the Genesis last year) is working on a SNES game (I think it’s a platformer), so it looks like the 16-bit era still lives. I’m wondering how Sega feels about all this content they’re not a part of, though? It’s too bad we’re in a rush to dive into new consoles and forget the old ones can still entertain…


    • You know I forgot that Super Fighter Team was working on a SNES game. I’ll keep an eye on that for sure. That is money spent!
      I previously bought the Legend of WuKong and Star Odyssey from Super Fighter Team. I wish I knew about the Beggar Prince before it was gone…
      So you’re really very correct 🙂 The 16-bit era still lives on!

      I heard that Sega shut down some fans who made a remake of Streets of Rage. I wish they would embrace their fans more.


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