13 comments on “My Sega Ages 2500 Phantasy Star Collection

      • Man, it’s a sad story.

        I had over 500 DS Games, 50+ 3DS games, and a few Vita games, but I lost them all in a house fire 😦

        Good news: My TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine collection was in the fire, but they survived! The cases are melted together and the manuals are singed on the corners, but the games look just as good as they ever did! It sucks because they were all complete and I took really good care of them, but I’m glad I still have the games to play. Unfortunately, I lost my Duo and PC Engine. I’ll have to wait to play them again. But absence makes the heart grow fonder…

        I still have a majority of my NES, SNES, and Genesis collections because I left them at my Mom’s.

        I guess to answer your questions: Yes, I almost exclusively play retro games nowadays, and Yes, I still have a collection. though it was a lot better at one time…


        • Hey Bygjuce, that really does suck. I feel for ya. 500 DS games is a lot! But they’re not too old and I bet you could get a lot of them back for pretty cheap. Although, 500 inexpensive games will still add up to a good chunk of money. Losing your TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine consoles of course sucks but it shouldn’t be too hard to replace them… it is a real shame about the cases and manuals. I’ve bought a few TurboGrafx-16 games recently and I’m finding it hard to get them in really nice shape.

          I am glad to hear the other half of your collection is safe! Do you have any pictures of your games? I always love seeing people’s collections!

          I still play modern games. I’m working through playing Resident Evil 6 right now with a buddy. But I am feeling more love for the retro stuff.

          Bygjuce I’m sorry to hear you lost so many games. But you’re not at zero and if you feel like you want to build up the collection again just go slow and watch for good deals.


  1. arn’t the english versions of phantasy star I-IV included in the phantasy star collection? according to hard core gaming 101 it does which leads me to wonder is the emulation on the complete collection better then on sonics genesis collection or does the complete collection have any features the genesis collection lacks?


    • Say WHHAATTT?!

      I bought the SONY PS2 Sega Ages 2500 Phantasy Star Complete Collection when it came out because I thought it would be cool to have in the collection. I had no idea that the English versions were included.

      I just popped it in and you are correct! When any Phantasy Star is loaded you can press the ‘select’ button and change from Mark III or Mega Drive to Mater System or Genesis and when you do it’s all in English. That’s just outstanding! 🙂

      You even have the option of a few different resolutions to display the game in and one option includes emulated scan lines. On my older 720p DLP 50″ TV the scan lines make the games look awesome.

      Thanks for this nugget justinwl!

      I’m not sure of the differences between the xbox 360 Sonic collection and the PS2 version. I’ll have to compare sometime.


      • Awesome, I was thinking of picking the collection up myself but I wanted some concrete confirmation on the English versions being included. actually I did some more research and it does look like the complete collection has many more bonus contents as well as video options the Genesis collection is missing. Also read the Genesis collection had some sound emulation issues the PS2 collection possibly does not.


        • I did see a few extra options like slide shows of original Phantasy Star artwork and Sounds Test modes so you could listen to all of the different tunes (and sound effects). It is a nice package. And it looks like it also supports save states.
          Do you have a PS2 that can play Japanese PS2 games? I think that is the only thing you have to worry about. My PS2 is modded.


            • Ha! Man that sucks… How are you going to get all those gems back into your hands? At least they are safe. Maybe keep an eye out for a used modded PS2. I often thought of that myself just to have a spare. Optical drives like to fail… specially if they’re in an xbox 360.


              • I plan to move back home eventually or at least closer. Yhea, i’m going to be keeping my eye out or maybe have the ps2 I have here modded. having a backup couldnt hurt anyways.


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