7 comments on “Oh Mummy Genesis

  1. Wow, you’re The Sega Detective now in my book. Post when you get this, as I’ll probably pick it up as well. I got paid for a freelance job, so that site move is happening in a few days. I’ll be back up and running within a week.


  2. You know how the Internet is. You can often find really cool things by chance. I went back to Retro Collect after making this post and found a few other very cool things. Like some excellent home brew Coleco Vision games (http://opcodegames.com)! Really worth checking out.

    I’m sorry you have to deal with moving your site. But I’m glad to hear that your moving right along with the new home.


    • Sure thing. I’ll play it when it arrives for a good while and let you know if it’s worth the money. I’m no stranger to puzzle games 🙂 Tetris and Puyo Puyo use to be my favorite puzzle games! Puzzle Quest is my current favorite… Hmm, it might be a three way tie.


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