10 comments on “Three Mega Drive Games – New Additions (Art of Fighting…)

  1. I have very fond memories of ToeJam & Earl! The bass line, the Righteous Rapmaster Rocket Ship, it’s all good. Also worth playing is “Ready, Aim, Tomatoes!” which is part of the 11-in-1 collection that comes with the Sega Menacer light gun. It’s a tomatoes shooting game featuring ToeJam & Earl, and it’s very funny.


    • Hey bigevilcorp!
      I often hear good things about ToeJam & Earl. I really should give it a try myself.
      And the Mencer games have always been a mystery to me. I never really looked. It’s interesting to hear some good feedback about it. I always see the Menacer cart loose for very cheap on ebay! But I’m guessing the gun is a must have to play the games.
      Do you know if other games were ever made for the Menacer? Or just this 11-in-1 collection?

      You know, I’m no programmer but I’m tempted to try your tuturials on programming for the Genesis. I really love your blog! http://bigevilcorp.wordpress.com/


  2. I just bought the first Toejam & Earl game as well, like 2 weeks ago, but mine is PAL ^_^ I’ve just barely tried it out, but it’s got really funky music! I love the Toejam & Earl game for Xbox! 😀 And the second one (Panic on planet funkotron) for Sega Mega Drive is also cool! 😀
    … I clicked.. even though I was warned >_<


    • See here we go again 🙂 We seem to discover and purchase the same sega titles almost at the same time!
      I also have Panic on planet funkotron but I haven’t tried it out yet. I’ve been spending a lot of my time trying to rebuild this site with a new Theme and to make it ‘self hosted’. Learning CSS is taking some time! And I haven’t been gaming as much I’d like to.

      I tried to warn you about the Chibi Maruko Chan video… I’m sorry you had to see that 😛


    • Actually it was Barney Hide and Seek that you gave me… thank you very much.
      And I don’t want to post about it because I’m too embarrassed to let people know how much I like the game. Lets not speak of it again.


  3. I’ve had those three MD games for a while, so in terms of that Namco game – hey, never be embarrassed by anything in your collection! Well, except perhaps Barney Hide & Seek…

    Anyway, TJ & E is awesome. I like to think of it as a rogue-like RPG, as the levels randomize each time you play it. Granted, sometimes you’ll get the same layouts on some maps you’ve seen previously, but the presents are always in new spots.

    I think Menacer games need that silly gun peripheral Sega made (I forget the name), but I guess I should look that up (which I’d do if I wasn’t going to bed). I also need to look up which console (Genesis or SNES) got more gun games, as there was the silly Super Scope peripheral that got some interesting titles (both good and bad)…


    • LOL! Yeah, I’m just joking around when I said that Namcot game was “all shame”. 🙂 I’m always happy to get a complete excellent condition game into the collection. Specially when it’s that cheap!

      See, everyone loves ToeJam & Earl. Clearly I’ve missed out on something here. You guys have made me extra happy to have it in the collection. Thanks!

      I’ve never really looked into the Menacer because I’ve never really enjoyed collecting accessories. I have a few things but I don’t go out of my way to look for them. Too often guns, 3D glasses, dancing pads, gloves, robots, etc really aren’t that compelling and too often don’t get enough support in terms of games built for them.


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