2 comments on “Toys for the Collection (Jim and Phantasy Star Bead Art)

  1. Nice! FYI there are a bunch of Earthworm Jim figures out there, as some were made for the cartoon that came after the game and more recently, some new figures were put out (I think by Mezco Toyz).

    That pixel art is awesome, but I want to play that game in the pic you posted! Could you imagine some crazy fan game with all those references and more in them? I know there’s a RPG Maker game made about game journalists as well as plenty of mash-ups with FF characters, tons of Mario and Zelda clones and so forth and so on. But i really haven’t seen too many that were actually funny (or they try too hard and fail at comedy).


    • Now that I have one Earth Worm Jim that should be enough for him. But I will keep an eye out for other Sega figures from the Genesis era. I have seen a series called Girls of Sega (or something like that) and they had an OK Nei and the character from the last Wonder Boy but I think they are very small. I’m not sure how good they are.

      Yeah, the pixel art is fun and I really wish that screen shot was a real game! How could that Bill Gates xbox not be a final boss for a 16-bit video game 🙂 Epic


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