4 comments on “Rieko Kodama, Sega Designer for Phantasy Star

  1. Nice- I’d been meaning to look this interview up, but kept forgetting to do so. The “3D” dungeons in PS1 are still impressive to me today because the team got them running full screen and smoothly, something later 16-bit games never quite got right. Even Shining in the Darkness and Arcana (two more faves) weren’t full screen and they were running on more powerful hardware.


  2. I didn’t know of this interview until I found it and re-blogged it here. If there are other developer interview out there for 8bit and 16bit video games be sure to let me know! I really enjoyed this one.
    I still remember how those 3D dungeon’s blew my mind when I first started playing Phantasy Star. Everything about this game felt light years ahead of the pack.


    • Hey Luis,
      Thanks for stopping by and saying hello 🙂

      I didn’t write the interview or any of the details above but I loved it so muchI had to share it. It’s such a rare insight into Phantasy Star.


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