19 comments on “Mega Drive – New Addition, Devil Hunter Yohko

    • Hey Kalman!
      I had to pop the game in right away to see this effect. I don’t ever remember seeing any Genesis game do something like that. I tried to find a video of the pause but I couldn’t.
      For anyone who’s curious about what happens when you press pause during this game: little silhouettes of Yohko come spinning on the the screen and merge as a nice little graphic/title in the bottom right corner. It doesn’t really add anything but it feels like another example of some of the little extras that went into this game.
      I ended up playing it again I see now that you pretty much have to hold down the fire button to keep your circle aura thing charged and ready to go. It works well and Yohko is easy to control.


  1. Nice addition! I’ve had this for a while (I know I paid more back in the day, so yeah – you got a nice deal) and yeah, it’s a mighty fine game, but not as spectacular stacked up to better MD action/platformers. I think the SNES/Super Famicom got the best anime-based games on a cartridge thanks to developers doing wild things with the hardware and wider color palette.


    • I knew if it was a good title you’d have it 🙂 I really need more time in the day to devote to my retro gaming. My ‘to play’ list is getting too long.
      I’ve started a small Nintendo game collection. I’m looking forward to diving into some of those gems too.


  2. This game would be better if it weren’t so impossible. I gave up trying to get through the second board and went for the infinite lives cheat code, and it was still a grueling experience.


    • Hey billybob,
      I agree with you. I did (and do) find most retro platformer games are very hard. I completed a lot of RGP’s back in the day but I’m having a hard time remembering a lot of platformers that I have beaten. I beat Quartet for the SMS, Altered Beast, Streets of Rage 1, Golden Axe 1-2, Mystical Defender and Batman for the Genesis… and I’m not sure of any others at the moment. 8bit and 16bit platformers are hard 🙂 for sure.


  3. I find a pirated one of this game in a closed toystore of my small town in Italy,I love Devil Hunter Yoko anime since 1996 so I buy it (10 euro) even was pirated because was my destiny ç_ç
    and I play all the game,hard final boss IMHO but a defeat her


    • Hi Vargarv!
      I still haven’t had a chance to really play Yohko but it does look good and I’m very pleased to hear you liked it enough to complete it! That’s excellent 🙂
      How did you know it was pirated? I’d love to see the cart and case if you still have it.


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