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    • I did not have Tiny Toon Adventures for the Genesis or the Japanese Mega Drive! It’s a first for me 🙂 Thank you!
      It was a lot of fun getting a package like this in the mail.


  2. Heh. I actually knew the answer from poking around the site, but I figured I’d be a reverse ringer and let someone else win because shipping stuff to the US isn’t inexpensive from overseas. That and I’m SO out of room for new stuff, lol! Well, it’s a good thing you won, as the goodies went to someone who deserves them!


    • LOL! geelw, are you trying to steal my thunder? 😛
      If stopxwhispering runs another little contest you have to participate. There is no doubt in my mind that you’re a very worthy and solid gamer!
      I think you need to chuck out your dinning room set and setup your collection 😀


      • Wellllll… I already moved the PS3 stuff into the living room from the home office, so perhaps the dining table WILL get the boot at some point. But I have to have somewhere for people to eat, though. Camping on the carpet isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure…


        • I know, I know 🙂 It’s easier said than done. When I moved to my current home it was the first time I had a basement and it was very exciting being able to setup! I recently started get back into my PS3. There are some seriously good games for that system! I’ve started playing Heavy Rain again and I just started playing Journey.
          What are some of your favorite PS3 exclusive games?


  3. I love the bead art! TheSegaDude displays it prominently in his collection. I like the way TheSegaDude shows the different stages of unwrapping the prize. Way to get into something you enjoy!


    • Hello Elena!
      stopxwhispering put a lot of effort into this contest and even more into the prize that I ended up winning. So I really wanted to show that I really do enjoy it!
      And yes, I really am into it 🙂


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