12 comments on “Mega Drive – New Additions (Harimanada)

  1. Hm. I thought you had this one already. I guess not. It’s not bad, but knowing the manga and liking sumo helps out a lot over going in and winging it (like I did when I got this a while back). That cover still stands out as striking because its literally in your face (and you’re about to be stomped!).

    Say, did you pick up that RPG Trifecta Pack from Super Fighter Team yet. The cool thing is it will run on pretty much any PC from the last dozen years or so just perfectly…


    • Ha! It wouldn’t have been the first time I bought a double. I checked my spread sheet and I think this is my only copy. But I’ll look through the actual games and see what I find.

      I haven’t yet picked up the Trifecta Pack from Super Fighter Team. But I will. I have an older PC running as a media center at my TV. I think it would be the perfect place to install the 3 pack.


      • Oh, cool – those RPGs running through that PC to the TV is perfect, as the game allows for a controller to be used. I played a bit of the two I don’t have on my laptop and they run great. It’s worth that $20 for sure!


      • cool ^^ mostly for me as well, but lately I’ve been becoming more picky when it comes to whether I can play the game and enjoy it or not.. I’m just running out of shelf space, so I’m trying to fill the rest with games I will like ;D


        • That is a good desicion. For me I’m buying any Sega Master System or Genesis or Japanese Mega Drive game I can if it’s a good price. But for my NES and SNES collection I’m going to stick to just games I want… unless they look cool and are very cheap.
          I only have two book shelves of games and they’re not even full yet! 😛


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