2 comments on “Genesis – New Additions (World Heroes…)

    • I just played some Dashin’ Desperadoes and it’s much better than I thought it would be. It’s pretty fun. I’d say it’s kind of a puzzle / racing game.
      It’s always two players. Two people or a player and the AI. It’s a race to get to your lady friend at the end of the stage.
      Thought out the stage you’ll come across obstacles like a dog, bird, rushing water or a dude opening a door on you. If you don’t avoid any of these things you’ll get stunned briefly while your opponent gets to keep on racing ahead.
      In addition to jumping and throwing weapons (that you can pickup through out the stage) you also have a dash/roll which you can use to stun the other player or use it to avoid stuff. Of course the other player can do everything you can do too.
      The graphics are very nice and it’s a really fast moving game.
      By the fourth stage it was getting pretty hard but I can tell there are all sorts of tricks and short cuts to find on each level. It feels like Data East really put some thought into this game.

      I don’t think you can save your progress. You start with 3 credits and you can earn more with points.

      It looks like you can get the cart only pretty cheap online.
      The store I found this game at was just OK. Most game where pretty expensive or pretty beat up. But still I was happy to come away with just this little game 🙂


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